IHOPE Canada makes amazing, colourful watches that have interchangeable heads and straps. They make a social impact and support Canadian Causes. We currently have six different colours of watches, each of the charity colours represent Canadian Charities and Non Profits that we support.

The causes that we currently support include; Environment, Cancer, Urgent Relief, Education, Heart & Stroke and Hunger. These causes are represented by the following colours; black, blue, green, grey, red and white. You can support your favourite charity or just choose your favourite colour. Together we can all make a difference and impact of the lives of our fellow Canadians with a charity watch.

If you are looking for ideas for a special gift that also supports Canadian Causes and gives back than be sure to check out all the latest models at the IHOPE Shop where you can choose your colour and choose your cause.

Join us today and support Canadian Causes with IHOPE watches.

July Green Cause

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